1. Choose a template

Start by selecting a visually appealing Template that matches your brand identity.

2. Add images

Insert images that showcase your products or services and reflect your brand’s aesthetic.

3. Write a caption

Write a catchy caption that highlights your brand’s values, what your products or services are about, and what you offer.

4. Add branding elements

Add your brand’s logo, tagline, and colour palette to make your post look more professional and consistent.

5. Engage with followers

Encourage followers to engage with your post by asking questions or leaving comments.

6. Use hashtags

Include relevant hashtags that describe your brand and post, such as #SmallBusiness, #SupportLocal, and #ShopLocal.


Canva offers both free and paid accounts.

The free account is available to all users and provides access to basic features such as basic templates, basic design tools, and basic stock images.

The Pro account, which starts at R109 per month, provides access to more advanced features such as professional templates, advanced design tools, and premium stock images. Pro accounts also allow users to save their designs as templates and access unlimited folders.

In conclusion,

Creating a simple Instagram post on Canva for your small business is a great way to showcase your brand and reach new customers.

By using the steps mentioned in the video, you can create visually appealing posts that stand out and drive engagement. Don’t forget to add a call to action, such as asking followers to visit your website, shop, or leave a comment, to increase interaction with your brand.